Self-Love Delivered to Your Door

You're busy! 

You're juggling work, home, friends & family, your IG account and hopefully a 401k or two.

You KNOW self-care is important!

But between emptying the dishwasher and trying to get to work on time, who has the time and energy?

Here's where we come in:

The GoLoveYourself Box was born out of the idea that in order to live our happiest, most fulfilled and most productive lives, we HAVE to prioritize our personal growth and wellbeing.  And we help you to do just that.

How we do it:

We remind you to prioritize YOU with a monthly self-help book, implementation resources, and self-care items.  

Each month, receive a new self-help book along with the resources to put the ideas into action and fun items, such as bath bombs and candles to take care of YOU while enjoying the reading experience!

Then, hop online and connect with our exclusive, supportive and encouraging community where new friends, coaches and experts are there to share tips, encourage you, and give you the support you need.

Ready to prioritize you?