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Personal Growth 

Delivered to Your Door

You're busy.

You're juggling work, home, friends & family, professional growth and a 401k or two.  You know there's more to life than busy.

You KNOW personal growth is important.

(Is it just me, or have I outgrown all of my friends lately?)

Here's where we come in:

The Go Love Yourself Box was born out of the idea that in order to live our happiest, most fulfilled and most productive lives, we HAVE to prioritize our personal growth and wellbeing together.  And we help you to do just that in a safe and supportive community.  We're talking about all the things you wish you could talk to you friends, family, and co-workers about.

Who We Are:

We are a community of badass self-care seekers who are more interested in spending Friday night reading the latest Brene Brown than hitting the town for drinks.  We spend Saturdays reconnecting with friends, family, and our inner selves.  Sunday mornings are reserved for getting coffee and taking a walk through the park. 

We believe in investing in our health and wellness.  We believe in spending more for organic lettuce, but not organic bananas, because we know the difference.  

We prioritize reading, reflection, silence, and mindfulness, not only because we know the impact it has on our lives but because of the impact it has on those around us and the Universe.

We're yearning to connect with each other.

How we do it:

We remind you to prioritize YOU with a monthly self-help book, implementation resources, and self-care items.  

Each month, receive a new self-help book along with the resources to put the ideas into action such as eye masks while focusing on sleep and note cards when focusing on reconnecting with friends. 

Take care of YOU while enjoying the reading experience with thoughtfully themed self-care items such as candles or tea.

Participate in group coaching conversations to dig deep and overcome challenges.  Talk with an expert 1-on-1 for advice.  Join our Beyond the Book discussions at the end of each month to share your progress and challenges with others.

And there's always someone available for you. Hop online and connect with our exclusive, supportive and encouraging community where new friends, coaches and experts are there to share tips, encourage you, and give you the support you need.

Each box contains:

  • a personal development or self help book,
  • resources to help you put the strategies from the book into action, and make it stick,
  • reading-experience-enhancers, such as tea, candles, and yummy self-care items, 
  • a 30-minute coaching session with one of that month's featured coaches, and
  • access to additional resources, motivation and support through our exclusive online community!

Ready to prioritize you?