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April 2020 - UNTAMED - Full Go Love Yourself Box Reveal

April 2020 - UNTAMED - Full Go Love Yourself Box Reveal

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Have you looked around and thought to yourself, "wasn't it all supposed to be more beautiful than this? 

I know I have...quite a few times. 

And in reality, finally seeing that it could really, truly, and absolutely be more beautiful while I was on my honeymoon was what led me to say "I can't go back" to work and to life as I knew it. 

We strive so mightily to be good and to make a difference, hoping it will earn us the approval we so desperately yearn for. We hope that we will feel more alive, more fulfilled, more whole. But in the process, we only wind up feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. 

Glennon Doyle has done the "be good and make a difference" thing, and she's done the "weary and overwhelmed" thing. A chance meeting with now wife Abby Wambach, opened up the question, "are you ready to do the freedom thing?"

Glennon's Untamed is full of powerful stories and wisdom that will help you to quit abandoning yourself and instead abandon the world's expectations of you.

And we've curated an entire experience around it.


If you've ever felt like there was something...off...

...like there's more to life than what you've been told and sold...

...then you're going to love this.


Quit being good so you can be free.


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Want to shop the products? Awesome! Products include:


This is way more than a subscription box. This is everything you need to transform your life, including the support, coaching, and community you've been looking for.

As always, products come from women-owned businesses so you can feel good about feeling good.



Makes a great gift for...anyone feeling like something's just...off...and not sure what it is, anyone who knows there's more to life than what she's been told and sold, anyone who wants to know what it's like to truly listen to the wildfire in your belly, mothers struggling with raising daughters and sons in this world, every woman.