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How I Achieved More with Courage, Clarity, and Communication

How I Achieved More with Courage, Clarity, and Communication

After 20 years of working in a senior PR/Communications role, Erin left everything to start a coaching practice. And while she's thankful for the opportunities and people she met along the way, she is so incredibly grateful she found the courage to make a change.


Have you ever had days when you wake up for work and it feels like the world is sitting directly on top of you? When you literally drag yourself out of bed and give yourself a little pep talk to get moving out the door? I’ve had them. In fact, I used to have them all the time. And even though they were peppered with good days, there was a constant feeling of unease that kept me very aware that the good days were a definite break from the norm. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, and if this doesn’t resonate with you, congratulations! But for those of you who do experience this, I bet I’m describing something you know all too well.

As a self-proclaimed recovering corporate ladder climber, I am familiar with the pressure of reaching for the next step up only to find that once you get there, there’s another wrung to climb. I know the mental and emotional toll it takes, and the impact on your holistic wellbeing. After 20 years in corporate life, I found myself at a pivotal point in my career, and after a lot of soul searching with my own coach, decided to step away and start my own coaching practice to help people who find themselves in situations similar to what I went through. Now, I help teams have courageous conversations that honor all voices around the table, and on a personal level, I help womentrepreneurs make money doing what they love. I want women to have confidence to make changes that allow them to enjoy what they do each and every day and find success on their own terms. That is my ‘why’. And I’ve found that having courage, clarity, and effective communication skills are critical to achieving this success.

COURAGE isn’t a temporary state, it’s a way of being. You need to live courageously, test your limits and push through uncomfortable situations in order to grow. Everyone’s tolerance when it comes to making a shift is different, and that’s ok. The size of the step doesn’t matter as long as you move forward. Changing is challenging, but in order to get to your desired end result, commit to the process and muster the courage to carry on.

CLARITY If you had the opportunity to craft your own legacy, what would it be? How would you live differently? Identify what matters to you. The priorities of your friend, colleague, spouse or neighbor are not important in identifying your unique personal goals. Become clear on what you truly want. Once you have clarity on that, you’ll be able to effectively communicate it to others—and yourself— in order to make strides to get there.

COMMUNICATION Now that you are clear on what you want and you have the courage to get after it, it’s time to communicate with others. Set new boundaries and respect them; establish new expectations and meet them; develop new routines and stick to them. Communicating the changes you are making in your life, not only with words, but also through your actions, will strengthen your resolve and lead you to realize your desired end result faster and more effectively. You may also be surprised at the hidden advocates you find in others that help you along the way.

Living with courage means not settling for what you’ve been conditioned to believe and accept. It means listening with your head, your heart, and your gut simultaneously to get after what celebrates who you truly are. What are you waiting for?


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