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This month, we're reading Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies, by Tara Schuster. It's a raw look at Tara's life, the circumstances that led to her drunk dialing her therapist, and the habits that she built that helped her to 'adult' her way out.

Everything I'm recommending this month comes back to either the themes in the book OR surviving the damn pandemic. 

Anyway, here are a few things I'm loving this month...!


SITMeditate, Write, Listen, Be Still

Chances are, there's a lot going on for you and a lot coming up for you during this time. It can be tempting to distract yourself with other things...by creating and moving and consuming and playing, too. I also want to encourage you to have a sit and a listen, and to note all the questions that are coming up for you about life, the way things have gone so far, and what you want to take into your new normal...and the normal that occurs after that. You are currently in a place to co-create your future in a powerful way. What do you want to emerge?









CREATE: Tasty Treats e.g. Dalgona Coffee, Cookies, Smoothies

Whether you're want to try the Dalgona coffee craze or something with a little less hype, let your creativity flow, try something new, and reap the tasty rewards!

I'm loving Starbucks instant coffee (recently rated best in class!), and recently made a lemon cake to celebrate my impending break!

Write: Your memoir, a letter, a poem, a short story

Leave a legacy through your words, send someone a smile, or create something just for you. The options are endless. 

I've been writing every morning using The Artists' Way as my starting point, and digging into the poems of Mary Oliver as inspiration.

PaintWatercolors, acrylic, spray paint, or finger paint

Capture what can't be expressed with words. Resist the urge to have your image be perfect, or even "good." Allow whatever is to be. You get to decide whether to share it.

I've recently joined Let's Make Art!, a watercolor subscription box, and gotten my mom a subscription for Mothers' Day as well. I am loving the creative outlet.

Decorate:  e.g. A cake, your living room, yourself

Show off your personality. Try a new hair dye or style. Rearrange your furniture. Hang a new photo. Create an edible masterpiece.

I've been inspired by @TheSweetFeminist (you've got to see her work!) and DC cookie queen @Meghan_Bakes and have started playing with my own decorations. Best part? If I hate what I've drawn, I can eat it!


LISTEN: Love & Rage, the Podcast 


Two self-described terrible Buddhists answer questions like, "How are we supposed to meditate when we're filled with rage?" and "What if we don't want things to go back to "normal"? 

It's not an overly produced podcast, and there aren't many episodes. And that's exactly what I like about it. 




MOVE @ryan.heffington


Ryan wants the whole world to dance, and thousands are dancing their way through the pandemic following his lead. Ryan is a Grammy nominated choreographer and is perhaps best known for Sia's "Chandelier."

The dance moves are meant to be fun - there's nothing pretentious about them, and they're meant to be done from the safety of your own home and require no props or dance experience (or even skill!). Ryan goes live on Instagram every day. Replays last 24 hours.



PLAY: Whatever makes you happy

Whether you're isolating with your family, significant other, or solo, there are plenty of ways to play. Let your inner child run wild with board games, puzzles, and more.

Board and "Board" Games: e.g. Monopoly, Scrabble, Jackbox.tv

So this might be a bit too on the nose, but Mark and I play the board game Pandemic almost every night. I love it because it's a cooperative game against the board - we win together, or we lose together.  Oh, kind of like a real pandemic.  

And while there are a number of options For virtual board games, JackBox is taking the cake with multiple party pack options and for playing with friends all over the world. 

Puzzles and Online Puzzles: e.g. Sudoku, Jigsaw, and Jigsawexplorer.com

Tired of the puzzles you have? Need a quick brain break? I love doing a Sudoku puzzle or a NYTimes crossword puzzle (let's be honest, I stick to Monday, Tuesday and Sunday!).

I've also been loving jigsawexplorer.com. Most puzzles here take ~20 minutes. You can even puzzle your own photos!

Your Favorite Childhood Games: Think Jenga, Ouiji, Uno

Dig around in storage and your memory for the games you loved most as a child. Can't find one? Create a new or "adult" version! (Have you seen Adult Jenga!?)

Telestrations is my absolute favorite. Reminds me of Pictionary, but way more fun and way less pressure on one person at a time. I'd literally never laughed this hard with family in my whole life.

Get Dirt Under Your Nails e.g. Garden, Climb a Tree, Play Outside

As adults, we sometimes forget how important it is to connect to the earth. Escape the indoors (safely!) and dig your toes into sand or grass. About a month ago, I actually bought lilies, and I love having to put my finger into the soil to see if it's in need of watering. 

This past weekend, we stopped by a farmers' market and picked up lots of herbs, a tomato plant, and a succulent. Even just smelling them on the ride home was a freakin' treat. 

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think?

Leave your thoughts for me below!