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New and Improved GLY website!

New and Improved GLY website!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new & improved GLY website! 

My goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether it's living mindfully, connecting wholeheartedly, finding financial freedom, or loving yourself unconditionally.

I aim to bring you the self-help and self-care you need to thrive in the real worldone that's not all bath bombs & tea (through TRUST ME, I love BOTH!) but full of challenge and heartbreak, anxiety and debt, and oh yeah... systemic oppression of women and people of color. Because let's face it, we can't put a face mask on burnout and expect life to be different tomorrow. We need to love & honor & care for ourselves WHILE demystifying the systems & structures that have created our burnout, imposter syndrome, and exhaustion to begin with.

Come on in and get comfortable, 'cause we're bout to get a bit uncomfortable together.

May I recommend a few places to get started?

I've got an all new blog, featuring some of GLY Magazine's top articles, and some new content you can only find here including...

We've also got a whole bunch of great new membership options, including...

And we're revamping how we engage our community across all platforms, including...

And friend, if you're looking for a way to connect with an incredible, driven, passionate, and wholehearted community, you're in good company.

We've got dozens of women redefining success and happiness for themselves, choosing non-traditional lifestyle paths, careers, and lives.

  • We've got a multi-passionate barista/artist/blogger mom who has decided that she has no interest in a pigeon-holed life, defined by her kids and career.
  • We've got a smart-as-hell active member of the military, intent on combating imposter syndrome and being the change she wants to see in this world.
  • We've got a nurse who believes in taking care of herself and her colleagues just as strongly as taking care of her patients.
  • We've got a traveling veterinary surgeon activist, whose mission is to support vet med and to bring awareness and put a stop to vet suicide.
  • We've got a 22-year old personal trainer who has already launched her first business and is intent on being debt free by 25.

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Can't wait to grow with you!

On this journey together,