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I work hard for my money. Is it worth it?

We take pride in offering a truly thoughtful experience. 

Some women pay hundreds of dollars on a weekend retreat.  This is a retreat in a box, and it lasts the entire month. 

The contents of the box always exceed $100 in value.  

Personal transformation is priceless.

What topics do we cover?

Past topics have included finding your purpose, getting quality sleep, perfectionism, and financial freedom.

Topics are heavily influenced by the Beyond the Book conversations and the discussion in our online community.  

We listen to you and respond to needs.  Promise.

When do you ship?

On or around the 1st of the month, so you get to enjoy your book and our live and virtual events all month long.

What's up with shipping?

We charge a flat rate so that we can maximize the contents of the box for you. Shipping costs us more than this, but we're covering the rest because we love you.

If you purchase from the one-time shop, shipping is automatically calculated at checkout based on the weight of the item.

Talk to me about contracts.

No contract, cancel anytime.  

If you pre-pay, you save a pretty penny.  

And if you pre-pay for a year, you get an entire month of growth, development, and self-care for free.  How's that for a deal? 

If you're on a recurring subscription, you'll see that renewal post to your credit card on the 10th of the month.  

What if I don't read a book a month?

Not all of us consume books like it's water in a desert. 

If you find that you're still processing and enjoying the book or the topic and not ready to move on, we invite you to login, skip the next month, and rejoin us when you're ready.  

We'll miss you, but we'll understand.

Sweet! I'm signed up! When do I get it?

We ship on or around the first of the month. 

Place your order by the last day of the previous month to get your beautiful care package with everyone else.  

If you order in the beginning or middle of the month, please know that you won't get your box until the beginning of the next month.  

If you can't stand the thought of waiting that long, check out the shop, find a previous box that suits your fancy, and get it shipped to you within 2 business days. Please allow 2 business days for deliver in the continental US. A few more for our international friends.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you're not satisfied with your Go Love Yourself Box, you can cancel your membership and discontinue at any time.  

Read more about our cancellation policies here.