Go Love Yourself


Small Group Coaching


Does this lack of "normal" have you feeling anxious and questioning how life ever felt "normal" before?

Are you wondering what it will mean to return to a completely different way of being - and if you might need to create an entirely new future for yourself?

And are you ready to do the hard work of making big change?


You've come to the right place.


If you're thinking about what "normal" means, then you already know - or are just beginning to question - that sometimes, normal isn't normal at all.

You understand the importance of asking big, hard questions. You know that you get to define success, and happiness, and that you get to chart your own course towards these outcomes. You know that to be truly successful and truly happy, you have to create your own path, and live your own most meaningful life. And you have to be ready when the inevitable curve ball comes your way.

But it's easy to forget who we are and what we were put on this planet to do. And it can be really challenging to remember what made us happy and fulfilled in the first place.

If you're feeling disconnected from yourself, your purpose, your passion, your hobbies and your happiness, you're not alone. 


Join EMERGE: An Intimate Group Coaching Experience.

1. You'll have me as your coach, teacher, and space holder for a summer of transformational self-exploration.

2. You'll join me and an intimate group of 3 other powerful, vulnerable, courageous women in deep reflection and connection. (There are only 4 spots available)

3. You'll participate in 90 minute group coaching sessions, twice a month, and have activities and experiments to conduct in between.

4. You'll become a member of an even more exclusive Facebook group to go even deeper, to ask me questions anytime, and to offer and receive mutual support.

5. You'll emerge from the summer with a fresh reminder of who you are, what you were put on this planet to do, what life looks like in your new normal, and what YOU have to offer in this very different new normal.


Your investment is $1500.


We begin June 1. There will be four spots available. 


Will you join me?


Ready? Fill out the application to join us here, and let me know which day works for you.

Have questions? Email me at sharon@thegoloveyourselfbox.com.