Go Love Yourself

Join the Go Love Yourself Community!


Join the Go Love Yourself Community! - Go Love Yourself

Feel like you have no one to talk to about the things that matter? Do you feel like you've outgrown your friends? Are you looking for deep, meaningful connection?

Do you wish you had a space where you could just be yourself, without judgement, without criticism, without fear? Then the community is for YOU!

Your membership includes:

  • Access to our private Facebook community,
  • An invitation to participate in daily discussion prompts related to wellness, self-care, self-help, courage, vulnerability, and more,
  • Weekly intention setting and goal setting check-ins, and
  • Monthly virtual Women's Circles

Best of all, you get to see and be seen, exactly as you are.

Join our private online community full of powerful, courageous women, just like you, who are daring to be themselves in this world.


Makes a great gift for...anyone looking to reconnect with who she is, practice vulnerability and wholeheartedness in a safe space, connect in a courageous community of smart self-awareness seekers.