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The F*ck It Diet (Book Only!)


The F*ck It Diet (Book Only!)

How do you explain the fact that 95% of people fail on their diets?  Simple. People don't fail on their diets, diets fail people. If you've ever struggled to maintain your low-carb, low-fat, low-food diet, you're not alone, and you're not the problem.

The F*ck It Diet will help you to stop dieting, reboot your relationship with food, and regain your personal power.

Break free from yo-yo dieting.

Products include:

  • The F*ck It Diet, by Caroline Dooner
  • Access to our community of amazing, courageous, ambitious women, just like you!



Makes a great gift for...anyone wondering what the hell is wrong with their body or their willpower, anyone who has ever, or is currently, yo-yo dieting, any girls that want to resolve to never diet, anyone who wants to rebuild a trusting relationship with their body, their hunger, and their food.