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This Naked Mind Essentials


This Naked Mind Essentials

Have you ever stopped to consider why you drink? We relax with alcohol. And celebrate with alcohol. We pair wine with delicious dinners, and ring in the new year with bubbly. We drown our sorrows and down liquid courage. Is alcohol the magical elixir of life?

This Naked Mind explores why we drink, the effect it has on our bodies and minds, and what it takes to examine our consumption.

Explore your relationship with alcohol.

Products include:

  • This Naked Mind, by Annie Grace
  • Companion Guide, by Go Love Yourself
  • Access to our community of amazing, courageous, ambitious women, just like you!




Makes a great gift for...anyone examining their relationship with alcohol, from the non-drinker, to the casual drinker, to the worried-it-might-be-a-problem drinker, and anyone who knows anyone who drinks alcohol.