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CLEARANCE SALE: How to Break Up With Your Phone Box


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Product Description

How often do you mindlessly scroll, just to pass the time, avoid social anxiety, or take a break? How do you feel when you're done? The "How to Break Up With Your Phone" Box will help you to use technology in more mindful ways that make you feel intentional and positive about your usage. Products include: How to Break Up With Your Phone book by Catherine Price // A workbook designed to help you track how you're feeling, set reasonable goals, and interact in purposeful ways // A Cell Phone Sleeping Bag // Mindfulness Inspired Adult Coloring Postcards // Colored Pencils // Off the Grid Connection Cards // Fidget Cube // Mindful Technology Webinar // One 30-minute conversation with one of our featured mindfulness teachers and coaches // Access to our online community of thoughtful, reflective & supportive women, just like you. As always, products support women-owned small businesses so you can feel good about feeling good.

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