A robust monthly lifestyle subscription box & community for smart, motivated women who want to live their most fulfilling lives.

You deserve this.

Go Love Yourself is unlike any monthly subscription of its kind. 

It's more than a box - it's a commitment to making this life the best it can be.

Come for the yummy self-care goodies. 

Stay for the long-term personal transformation.

We take self-help books from "spiritual entertainment" to actionable self-awareness.  

Join a community of busy women just like you led by authors, experts, and coaches, and make taking care of yourself and cultivating happiness a steady priority. 

Because we are able to serve the world better, longer, when we take care of ourselves first.

Because you deserve to be happy.

Because you deserve this.

You're worth it.

Find Your Purpose. Live Longer. Inspire Connection. Love Yourself. Find Inner Peace. Save Money. Embrace Your Truth. Serve The World. Sleep Better. Achieve Your Goals. Practice Mindfulness.

Each box contains:

  • a personal development or self help book,
  • resources to help you reflect, put the strategies from the book into action, and make it stick,
  • reading-experience-enhancers, such as tea, candles, and yummy self-care items, 
  • a 30-minute coaching session with that month's featured coaches, and
  • access to additional resources, e-books, e-courses, webinars, motivation, and support through our exclusive online community!