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Free Resources and Services During COVID-19

Free Resources and Services During COVID-19

TLDR; We need self-care and community care. Scroll down for resources.

In this community, we often talk about self-care and the importance of taking care of yourself while acknowledging that sometimes it's just not enough. 

Self care is often, but not always, a temporary solution. Self-care won't change the structural reasons we need self-care. Self-care helps us feel better and can help to equip us with what we need to handle future stressors differently when we engage in practices like mindfulness and journaling, but what does that mean for a time like this?

Right now, we need both self-care and community care. 

There are a few articles that discuss the difference, and one of my favorites is this one where Nakita Valerio writes:

"Community care means showing up; it means that when you find yourself in the position of being able to give more than you need to receive, you do so. Depending on who you are and your strengths, this might mean receiving messages from someone who needs to be comforted and heard, bringing dinner to a sick friend or packing up an abused friend’s belongings as part of their exit plan from domestic violence. It could be attending a performance in support of an artist, or advocating for communities you have consulted at the level of government. At different times and for different communities, people who are intentionally invested in caring for the communities they belong to might find themselves doing all of these things, or something else entirely.
Ultimately, community care is a commitment to contributing in a way that leverages one’s relative privilege while balancing one’s needs. It’s trusting that your community will have you when you need support, and knowing you can be trusted to provide the same."


Last week, I put out an email to our community asking you what you want right now, what you need right now, and what you have to offer.  It's been the most responded to email and so many people reached out with asks and offers. 

I'm compiling a list of ways that we can help ourselves, help each other, and help our communities. It is incomplete. It is assuredly also already out of date - things are changing rapidly. And I will continue to update as time goes on, so please comment below with additions or updates.

Be safe, take care,




So you need...


What am I missing? Tell me what you need or leave other helpful sites/ideas below.

We're all in this together.