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 If you know that life can be more beautiful than this, we should have a conversation.


Sharon Podobnik Peterson

I challenge the way people think, live, and lead.

I will believe in you until you do.

I will love you fiercely and help you to tackle your fears head on, step by step.

And together, we will answer the question, "How do you really want to live your life?"


How can I support you?



Virtual Mindfulness Retreat
A Day Away to Be Okay
Dedicate a full day to giving time, attention, and space to you.
Leave feeling calm, centered, and connected.
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Small Group Coaching
Small Group Coaching, Big Life Changes
The lack of "normal" has us questioning the way things were,
and if we really want to return to that way of being. 
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Deep Coaching Experience with Sharon Podobnik Peterson
Transform Your Life
Deep, powerful one-on-one coaching.
Live life on your own terms.
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