Go Love Yourself

We're Taking a Break

Like we always say in Go Love Yourself, you’re never alone. Ever.

You’re not alone in your burnout, your exhaustion, your frustration with the world, your need for a break.

My friend, I am in need of one too.

That’s why I’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to take a break on sending GLY boxes and Book Club Essentials.

Here’s what I know:


So, my love, there will not be a June book heading your way.



Here’s what I don’t know:

But here’s what will be:

And if you want to stay connected during this pause, here are a few ways to do so:

And if you have further questions about your subscription, head here for more information. 

I fully and truly believe that this is the most true and beautiful next step for me and this community. I know that the next step lays somewhere in the stillness, somewhere in my Knowing. Somewhere that I haven’t had access to in quite a long time. 




PS. You know this is never one-way communication. Leave a note in the Facebook group, Facebook message me, or email me